The False Two-Child Paradox

Yes, false.

Progressive Taxation

A method of computing income tax (or any other progressive tax) using an integral of the Sigmoid Function. It's a PDF because it contains mathematical symbols for which cross-browser support is still (20100708) poor.

Truth and Belief, Virtues and Vices, Good and Evil

Of Faith, Hope, and Charity...

First Principles

A work in progress.

Words About Why

This is a paper I wrote a long time ago, essentially an artist's statement of purpose. I think it's held up pretty well over the years, but I have developed some doubts about the following statement, and therefore what follows from it. Note the emphasized phrase and reflect on the perils of assuming even the most apparently unassailable of first principles.

An "intention" cannot be something that alters the flow of energy at some point, because that would make it something in addition to all of the energy in space, which is ridiculous.
YARBL - The Story

Spam and its solution (and a non-solution).