Truth and Belief, Virtues and Vices, Good and Evil

Of Faith, Hope, and Charity, the only one worth anything is Charity.

Charity is good.
Charity is very good. Be kind. Be helpful. Be generous.
Hope is silly.
Believing in or desiring a particular outcome in the whole complex distribution of possible outcomes is a waste of time at best.
Faith is very very bad.
Every belief is partly wrong. A belief held lightly, in accordance with observation, is called a working hypothesis, and even a working hypothesis holds the constant danger of becoming a place to waste the rest of your life. One of the best ways to the Truth is to unbelieve everything you believe as quickly as possible, and then unbelieve this. Faith is belief held against all new evidence, against all natural feeling. Along with tribalism and the pervasive but insane notion that the end justifies the means, it is the cause of, and justification for, most of the evil that humans do.